Assumptions about me!

Hey wishes! So yesterday I asked if you have any assumptions about me so you can clear 'em with me, so first thanks a lot for leaving your comments. And yes.. if you missed that post somehow, you can leave your assumptions about me in the comment section of this post, I always love to... Continue Reading →

It’s time to update: New look of Poorwa’s blog

Hey everybody. Liked the new look of Poorwa's blog? Well if you haven't find it yet, you're probably reading this post through WP reader. Actually I've made some changes in our site and I need you to check out the new look of Poorwa's blog. I made some changes with the old theme, tried to... Continue Reading →

The Sunshine Blogger Award I

Hii there! I'm so happy to say that I'm nominated for 'The Sunshine Blogger Award' by my lovely blogger friend Riddhi. A big thank you Riddhi if you are reading this. Everyone don't forget to check out her blog 'Whispering Stories' and read her great posts. Rules... Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you in a... Continue Reading →

Reblog: Bullying Is A Form of Theft. But You Can Always Get It All Back! — Chateau Cherie

By nature, children are happy and carefree. Their only responsibilities are to obey their parents and guardians and to complete homework and a few chores. Outside of those responsibilities, they engage in play and pretend, or they’re supposed to. 304 more wordsBullying Is A Form of Theft. But You Can Always Get It All Back! —... Continue Reading →

Reblog: Blog party — Jan On The Blog

Share a link and read a link to support fellow bloggers!Blog party celebrating 100 followers! — Jan On The Blog First of all many congratulations to Jan On The Blog for reaching 100+ followers. I'm really happy for you. And everyone, Jan is giving us a very special blog party, called 'Halloween Blog Party' and it's... Continue Reading →

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