Reblog: What Do You See — Into the Light Adventures

What Do You See, As you may notice, I don’t have one certain subject that I photograph. I take photographs in the moment, picking up a camera can actually make you see things completely different. Making me slow down and enjoy looking at something as simple as frost on the windows. I took these photos…What Do... Continue Reading →

Reblog: Good days — Rayna’s blog

All is pain, all have regrets All is sorrow, everything’s destroyed Maybe that’s all we feel this time Maybe we want to rewind the old time But all we’re thinking is Will we be able to come out from pain? Will the good days come again? Look across the sky one more time Why it […]Good... Continue Reading →

Reblog: Can You You Still Make It as a Blogger in 2021? — The Art of Blogging

On the 22th of April, 2012, I signed up for a account. The same day I wrote and published my first blog post. I didn’t know how to write an article, what a headline was, or how to properly format a blog post. I didn’t know who my ideal reader was, I wasn’t sure…Can You... Continue Reading →

Reblog: Hallyu in India — Small Talks

If you are a K-drama and K-pop lover then you’re definitely gonna love reading this. Give me a big high-five because I’m a K-pop lover too!! If you don’t know anything about or just confused about what is all this Korean happening in India, why people go nuts about it, that’s okay, you can still […]Hallyu... Continue Reading →

Reblog: What I Wish I had Known Before I Started Blogging — Crispy Confessions

When I started blogging again seven months ago, I leaped into it with a lighthearted manner. I was no stranger to blogging. In fact, I had been blogging — off and on — since I was about thirteen years old. I knew the basic ins and outs of blogging thanks to my personal experience as […]What... Continue Reading →

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