Going to school after a year

Hey wishes! How are you guys doing? Oh okay, let me first clear your confusion- I’m still on break but couldn’t help myself to write this post and share a life update with you (my blogging addiction😅!). (I’m writing date and time because without that this post might be a little bit confusing) Feb 14,... Continue Reading →

I’ll be grateful to these things 2020 gave me

2020 is almost to an end, there are just 15 days left. 15 days later, we will be welcoming 2021 and saying good-bye to 2020 happily (and I think.. hoping it to never come back right😄?). I’ll say 2020 was kinda… https://media.giphy.com/media/fVhAK1zQ1YnAkK6Ugo/giphy.gif But you know I just hate ‘negativity’. So I wish that 2021 will... Continue Reading →

Wow… Poorwa’s blog is having a BOOM!

I’m so happy after I checked out my yesterday stats. The first word came out of my mouth was …OMG😮… I never thought of that big change. Thank you so much everyone. Thank you for your support. My yesterday’s stats.. Yesterday…. 16 blogs started to follow me, my blog got 242 views, 165 likes, 29... Continue Reading →

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