Goodbye April 2021!

Hey everyone! So it's May 1 today!! I won't say that I didn't realize how fast April ended because it was quite long for me and not so an ideal month. But however it was, for my blog it was really very good. I just had so much fun through Blogging in April and other... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year: Hey we’re having a BOOM again!

Hey wishes! So we've finally entered 2021... yayyy🎊🎊 A very very happy new year to you all🤗 You know I was very sleepy a minute ago (as I was up all night in excitement 😂) but not anymore after I checked my WP notification panel and I got these... Thank you so much❤️❤️ you guys... Continue Reading →

My last post… as 14😄 300+ followers and 10200+ views celebration🥳 It’s a ‘birthday blog party’🤩🤩 (CLOSED)

Hey friends! (*smiling like crazy*) Guess what? It' my birthday eve.. yeah (wait, why would you guess, the title is already expressing it😅). So this post would be my last post as a 14 years old girl. I'm so excited to open my eyes tomorrow as 15😊 (you can feel my excitement through my words... Continue Reading →

3000+ Likes…5000+ Views… OMG! Thanks a lot!

Thank you... thank you.. thank you.. I don't know what to say😍 I'm so grateful to you everyone.. really thanks a lot! I was so surprised when I checked my stats today. 5,279 VIEWS.. 2,330 VISITORS.. 3,170 LIKES.. 881 COMMENTS.. And yes.. one more thing.. we are very close to reach 300 subscribers on Poorwa's... Continue Reading →

Wow… Poorwa’s blog is having a BOOM!

I’m so happy after I checked out my yesterday stats. The first word came out of my mouth was …OMG😮… I never thought of that big change. Thank you so much everyone. Thank you for your support. My yesterday’s stats.. Yesterday…. 16 blogs started to follow me, my blog got 242 views, 165 likes, 29... Continue Reading →

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