Things I did in my one-month hiatus

It’s been 12 days since I’m back into blogging. As you guys know I went on hiatus for a month because I was lacking the inspiration to blog and also to prepare for my final exams. And I got news today, my exams for 11th grade will start on April 1st and end on April... Continue Reading →

Tips to learn a language in a better way

Learning a new language is a excellent work and total fun too. You feel special because you can speak a total different language and people around you praise you for it. As you guys might know that I’m learning Korean and I’m proud to say that I’m going great in it. So I wanna say... Continue Reading →

#Behind the Blogger

Hey friends. So today I found an interesting tag called 'BEHIND THE BLOGGER' on the original creator of this tag's blog @allonsythornraxx (thanks for creating this beautiful tag🥰). This is really the kind of tag I love doing the most, so let's get started.... Rules... Thank the person who nominated youAnswer all the questions down... Continue Reading →

It’s time to update: New look of Poorwa’s blog

Hey everybody. Liked the new look of Poorwa's blog? Well if you haven't find it yet, you're probably reading this post through WP reader. Actually I've made some changes in our site and I need you to check out the new look of Poorwa's blog. I made some changes with the old theme, tried to... Continue Reading →

A day in my life: A blog post for you

Hey everyone. How ya’ doing? So I'm into anime these days Remember.. I asked you a few days ago that what you would like to read in my blog in ‘A blog post for you’. Thanks for leaving your comments but if you haven’t and you want me to write something on your choice,... Continue Reading →

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