The Comfort Zone – by Poorvi Kumar

Hey, hey everyone! My name is Poorvi Kumar from @ Poorvi Kumar Blog! I’m a teenage desi girl from America who loves to write! On my blog, you can find new poems weekly as well as a wide variety of musings, book reviews, and other such things! If this sounds up your ally I’d love... Continue Reading →

Promote Your Blog Here!

Hey everyone! Let's do a Bloggers Lift! I've been thinking about what should I do for a celebration as we've crossed 500 followers, I wanted to do something productive. And what could be better than knowing about your awesome blogs and doing a blogger's lift. So scroll down to the comment section, introduce yourself and... Continue Reading →

Valley of the Wolves – A Book Review (Guest Post)

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello everyone! Oh, who am I? Some of you might know me (or not), but my name is Mahitha and I'll be guest posting on Poorwa's amazing blog today!!! (You don't have to check out my blog, I just put the link there just in case you wanna.) 😉Sooo, as you can probably guess... Continue Reading →

#Behind the Blogger

Hey friends. So today I found an interesting tag called 'BEHIND THE BLOGGER' on the original creator of this tag's blog @allonsythornraxx (thanks for creating this beautiful tag🥰). This is really the kind of tag I love doing the most, so let's get started.... Rules... Thank the person who nominated youAnswer all the questions down... Continue Reading →

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