Going to school after a year

Hey wishes! How are you guys doing? Oh okay, let me first clear your confusion- I’m still on break but couldn’t help myself to write this post and share a life update with you (my blogging addiction😅!). (I’m writing date and time because without that this post might be a little bit confusing) Feb 14,... Continue Reading →

Gratitude Writing Challenge

Hey people. So it's finally the end of 2020🥳. It's been a year full of ups and down, and I think we all are very excited to enter in 2021. So I thought to participate in this 'Gratitude Writing Challenge' hosted by @BeautyandBows. I know it wasn't a very lightning year but it'd (this challenge)... Continue Reading →

3000+ Likes…5000+ Views… OMG! Thanks a lot!

Thank you... thank you.. thank you.. I don't know what to say😍 I'm so grateful to you everyone.. really thanks a lot! I was so surprised when I checked my stats today. 5,279 VIEWS.. 2,330 VISITORS.. 3,170 LIKES.. 881 COMMENTS.. And yes.. one more thing.. we are very close to reach 300 subscribers on Poorwa's... Continue Reading →

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