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About me

Hey there! First of all, thanks a lot for stopping by my blog. I’m Poorwa. A 16-year-old girl from India, studying in my final year of school…12th grade. I started blogging in March 2020 because of the free time I got in lockdown and in no time blogging became one of the things I love doing the most.

Poorwa’s blog is a lifestyle blog in which I write about anything to everything I like and in most of my posts, I share my real-life experiences related to the topic of my post. I like to interact with my readers a lot and they are the reason I’ve come this far in my blogging journey.

After my family, I love music the most in this world. And I hate the people who don’t respect artists. Singing is my best hobby and I sing all the time, except when I’m sleeping or when it’s not a nice situation. My favorite type of posts to write about is something related to music. I’m also working on a blog page, in which I’ll share my playlists and many more things and I’m sure my fellow music lover buddies will like it. I listen to lots of singers, both bands and solo artists but I especially love bands more. My favorite music artists- BTS, NCT, Selena Gomez and Little Mix.

I have lots of hobbies like singing, painting/drawing, dancing, playing video games, cycling and many more. That’s all I can think of right now but if you wanna know me more, read my posts. My posts describe much more about me than this About me page could ever.

Thank you!

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