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Why I Don’t Quit Blogging

It’s been 3 years since I signed up with and started blogging as well as started writing. It’s a weird feeling to be honest, when one day out of nowhere you show up online and decide to write. Into a community full of strangers, and did I mention that when I first started blogging... Continue Reading →

How to Write a Perfect Introduction Post for Your Blog

Hey everyone! So today’s post is based on a post request I got from one of my non-blogging readers, about how to write an Introduction Post to get started with a blog. Well, to be honest, I don’t think Introduction posts are really necessary but I can’t deny the fact that these posts are a... Continue Reading →

4 Things To Do When You’re on A Blogging Break

I’m quite familiar with blogging breaks now. I’ve talked about why every blogger deserves a break from blogging time-to-time plus even about the disadvantages I had of taking a long blogging break. As bloggers and writers, we often get to face those annoying writing slumps when our brains don’t seem to think of new and... Continue Reading →

Disadvantages I Had of Taking a Long Blogging Break

Blogging breaks are important indeed. For bloggers, taking a blogging break when needed can be one of the best ways to release stress and to continue blogging again with a better mindset and energy. Well, if you like reading blogging-related posts you might already know about the advantages of taking a blogging break and why... Continue Reading →

How It Was Completely Worth Taking A Blogging Break

Hey everyone! Long time no see! Hope you all are healthy and doing great. So yes… I’m back (Wait, you haven’t forgotten me, right?)! For my new readers who might not know what am I talking about, I was on a one-month blogging break (which ends today) because... umm… who knows, I guess it’s just... Continue Reading →

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