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Why I Don’t Quit Blogging

It’s been 3 years since I signed up with and started blogging as well as started writing. It’s a weird feeling to be honest, when one day out of nowhere you show up online and decide to write. Into a community full of strangers, and did I mention that when I first started blogging... Continue Reading →

How You Can Prepare For Exams In A Better Way

Hey there! How are you doing? Students… must be stressed about exams, right? Don’t worry my friend, you’re not alone in this. I’ve just been through the darkest nightmare of a high school student’s life popularly known in India as ‘12th Boards’. So yeah, I’m quite experienced in this kind of stuff. And in today’s... Continue Reading →

5 Things I Want To Say To Myself As I Turn 16

Hey there! Yes, you guessed it right... it's my birthday today!!! I can't believe it's my second birthday since I started blogging. I still remember very well how much fun I had here last year on my birthday when we did a blog party together. I wish I could organize something like that this time... Continue Reading →

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