Awards I Got Nominated For Last Month

Hey everyone! It's time for a long post! First of all, a big thanks to all the bloggers who nominated me. They all have amazing blogs so do check out all of their blogs. Now take a deep breath and let's get started... BrainStorms Award I was nominated by the creator of this fantastic award... Continue Reading →

Awards I Got Nominated For Last Month

I know this post is a day late but you know 'Better Late Than Never'. Today I'm gonna deal with all the awards I got nominated for last month (Check out my previous post: Goodbye May 2021). A big thanks to all of the amazing bloggers who nominated me for these awards. It's gonna be... Continue Reading →

#ThisOrThat | An Original ‘Get to know me better’ Tag

Finally, I've created my own tag! It is called 'This Or That Tag' and I'll be really very happy if you do it. Rules are very simple as the tag, here they are... Rules... Thank the person who nominated/tagged you.Answer all the 50 ThisOrThat questions in your post. You can do less if you want.Link... Continue Reading →

The Dazzling Blogger Award | The Aesthete Blogger Award #2 | The Outstanding Blogger Award #3, #4

Hey everyone! It's been a month I did an Award/Tags post on my blog, so today I'm catching up with all the awards I got nominated for after that post. And also, if you have nominated for an award or a tag, and I haven't done the post yet please let me know, so I'll... Continue Reading →

Outstanding Original Blogger Award #1, #2 | The Aesthete Blogger Award | The Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award #2 | #The Talents

Hey everyone! Look at the title!!! I'm so excited about doing this post! As you know how much I like answering your questions and.. okay okay, let's say- talking about me😜! This post is gonna be a little bit long but fun (at least for me😁), so let's get started fast... (and I'm sorry for... Continue Reading →

#Powerful Females | The Sunshine Blogger Award #4

Hey everyone! Welcome to another Tag-Award post on my blog. As you guys know how much I like doing these posts, not only because of I love to answer your questions but also because it connects so many bloggers. I'm kinda very excited to continue writing this post as always, so let's get started... (Anyways,... Continue Reading →

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