Listening to 10 Most Underrated One Direction Songs

Hey everyone! So today's a very special day for all the Directioners out there as it's been 11 years since the band debuted. Amazing, right? I was thinking of what should I post for today and thanks to Evin for the idea of this post (If you don't know then, Evin is a huge Directioner).... Continue Reading →

Little Mix – Black Magic (Cover with My Sister) Hey everyone! So as you know how much I like Little Mix' songs, here is a cover of their song Black Magic (Acoustic Version) by me and my sister. Yesterday, around 8 PM, we were just getting bored so my elder sister asked me to do some exercise with her and of course, I... Continue Reading →

The Sad Story Behind The Song “EIGHT” Pt 2 : Collab With Sneha

Hey there! This post is very special to me as it's the first time we're gonna talk about a real and sad story behind a song, and there's something more that is making it more special...... it's a collab with my blogging friend Sneha from Read, write and believe. As it's a collab, Sneha is... Continue Reading →

My All-Time Favorite BTS Songs You Should Definitely Listen To

Hey everyone! So today, I thought of sharing some of my all-time favorite BTS songs with you as you already know how much I love the band and also their music, and the special thing is that it was their 8th anniversary yesterday (June 13). There's no doubt that BTS is a super popular and... Continue Reading →

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