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First Day at College | My Experience

How does it feel when you walk into the class 15 minutes late, even on your first day? Well, who would know better than me!? Hey everyone! On Monday (29th August), it was my first day of college and as of now when I’m writing this post, I’ve spent three days being a college student.... Continue Reading →

Taking A Look Back At My 12th Stuff | Talking About The Subjects I had

Hey everyone! So I was just thinking about my room’s look and realized that it’s been like half a year since I last organized my room.  Honestly speaking, me sitting here writing this post and observing my room, it’s looking like someone had locked a wild animal in here. I do and also do not... Continue Reading →

How You Can Prepare For Exams In A Better Way

Hey there! How are you doing? Students… must be stressed about exams, right? Don’t worry my friend, you’re not alone in this. I’ve just been through the darkest nightmare of a high school student’s life popularly known in India as ‘12th Boards’. So yeah, I’m quite experienced in this kind of stuff. And in today’s... Continue Reading →

Life Update: Covid Vaccination and More | Hiatus Again

Hey there! So, how’s 2022 going? Well, for me it’s already been a rollercoaster ride. There hasn’t been a day I would have felt stress-free or very cheerful but it’s kinda become normal to me. So yup, I’m good. I couldn’t post anything for the past 15 days again because of lots and lots of... Continue Reading →

A Stressful Week Spent Joyfully With A Positive Mindset

I always tend to focus on the positive side. Doesn’t matter how worse the situation is, my way to think is that there’s no way we can change what has happened and unless we try to make things better nothing’s gonna change. My week was quite the same. I was feeling weak and disturbed for... Continue Reading →

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