Things That Really Annoy Me About Online Classes

Online Classes… we all students are very familiar with this term. It’s been over a year, I’ve been attending online classes. Of course, there are many fun and great things about it and it’s not that I hate online studies or anything. There are so many advantages of online studies for students and we students are loving it because we kinda feel tension-free when our classes are online unlike how we feel at school. But if I had an option to get my offline classes back and stop all this online school stuff, I’d for sure do that.

At first, I was really loving online classes but with time, when I realized the real things, online studies started to annoy me. For me, there are more cons than pros of online studies and today I’m going to share some things that really annoy me about online classes and what I don’t like about online studying.

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It increases my screen time too much

I mean, I’m literally spending half of my day in front of digital screens and that really makes me worried. When my last class ends at 4 PM, sometimes even at 6 PM, my head starts to ache so hard after that. I run to wash my face and go outside to take some fresh air. Then here’s blogging, I have to give it some time too because it’s something I like to do and I can’t leave these things like this.

Maybe I would be able to tolerate all of this if teachers don’t stress us so much but no… all of the classes are supposed to be of 45 minutes only so that students get at least 10 minutes before the next class starts, but what some of our teachers do- They take classes for one hour straight and we students don’t even get time to blink our eyes in rush to join the next class on time. It’s the reason why I had to change my blogging schedule so that I can spend a little more time off-screen.

Network problem is a headache

Let me tell you what happened today- it was my Chemistry class at 11:00 AM and ma’am had network issues between the class and she messaged in the group chat that because of network problem today’s class has dismissed so be ready on Sunday. I mean was it all our fault? Why do we have to sacrifice our only precious Sunday when we get some time to breathe?

It’s really the worst. It sucks when you’re present in the class and the teacher is calling your name but your mic isn’t working because of a network issue and the teacher thinks that you’re just pretending to be in the class. Most of the time, teachers have network problems more than students but when you tell them that teacher, we can’t hear you or your video is freezing, they always think that we’re trying to fool them and they start to shout at the students. I know some students lie and try to disturb the class by doing stupid pranks but every student doesn’t do the same teachers, so please try to understand.

The hard it is for teachers to teach online, it’s the same tough for students too to study well online.

Nothing is clear even if we say it is

It happens a lot in my Maths and Physics classes. You know while doing the tough questions… if teacher’s voice gets cut or the video gets stuck even for a second, it passes so fast that the students be like, “what just happened right now?” And students who like to study, never like to interrupt in between and say, “Sorry teacher, I missed that part. Please repeat.” Then it happens again and again. Finally, we drop our weapons, mute our microphones and let it be the way it is. And when the teacher asks, “Is everything clear?” Even if it’s not we say (in a lazy way), “yes teacher, please continue.” And doesn’t matter how much we try to focus when you’re at home, your mind surely gets distracted.

Offline Classes Are Way Too Better

I don’t know about others but I really like the atmosphere of classrooms. Classrooms are made for students to study. And when there are online classes, it’s obvious that you’ll get distracted between your classes when in the next room, others are watching your favorite movie. But when someone is teaching you standing in front of you, in your classroom, you get no other option than focus on what’s going on and study. And that’s what’s so good about offline classes.

Teachers feel satisfied when they see students studying in front of them and students can also at least say that they really studied something.

Me and my friends who were enjoying online studies to the fullest last year are now missing our offline classes so bad since it’s our last year of school. I don’t know if I’ll even be able to experience studying in those school classrooms again but I really want to make it the best last year of my school life. Even though I’m done with online studies and want my school back, I understand I can do nothing about it. I know it’s difficult but I have to do my best even if it’s online which I’m not liking that much. All the best to me!

What are some things you don’t like about online classes?

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57 thoughts on “Things That Really Annoy Me About Online Classes

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  1. I completely understand you🥺. Online classes were so frustrating! We resumed physically in May but sadly, they asked us to move out of school yesterday cause some students were tested positive to corona so now I’m back to online classes 😞. I hope this goes away soon

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  2. So agree with you: online classes are a pain most of the time! 😔
    The worst thing about online classes is that people aren’t so active or responsive in class, which makes it even more frustrating when the teacher starts reprimanding the whole class. It gets even more frustrating if you’re one of the people who actually responds in class while others don’t. 🙄

    This ish doesn’t happen that much in offline classes, where there’s some form of interaction among students and teachers. I hope things get better soon!

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  3. I totally agree with you, offline classes are far better than online, actually online classes make us more lazy. Most of us will listen to classes when it’s online but no since it’s offline, we all get distracted at some point of time and even the good ones who try to concentrate in class will also get influenced by others as time passes. And also we are missing our memorable days that we get to spend with our friends. I really hope things get back to normal and we start attending classes offline.

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  4. Online classes do come with a slew of negatives. I can’t really relate to the issues but I understand your frustration. I hope that things get back to normal and that you’ll be able to find a solution that makes you comfortable

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  5. Wowww.! It’s really amazing..! And so interesting to read my dear my dear..! Yeah..! I’m related..! I too hate online class..! If I attend online class then I should go for mental hospital..!😅😅 So funny and Amazing post dear..!🤗🤗

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Gladly, I completed my school just at the time when corona cases started getting reported. However, I know how stressful it is to be in online classes. One of the biggest reasons why this happens, is that they try to fit offline within online. System of teaching should change. But it hasn’t. Wishing you the best !! Write soon 🙂

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  6. Exactly! To be honest, there is only one pro about online learning to me: I can do whatever I want in the breaks. Nothing else. I HATE it. I am so darn happy that I have been going on campus since April coz I am in UAE; the schools here are open…

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  7. I AGREE! I strongly, firmly, mightily, vigorously,…(all the synonyms of strongly) AGREE! Especially, the bad network thing. What the hell can I do if my network connection is low? As soon as I leave the class or better say get kicked out of the class because of it, the wonderful teachers we have start calling our parents! I mean, for one thing, this is not kindergarten ppl! 17 year olds know!

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    1. Thanks Pannaga! I can understand how you feel. You know it happened again today, my Chemistry teacher’s network connection was low so she said, we’ll continue this class on Sunday. I mean why!? It wasn’t my fault that now I have to attend online classes on my precious Sunday too.

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  8. I had fun reading your post. I hate online classes. just sometimes, it becomes a headache and one more thing is teachers expect us to be regular in 1 or 2 questions everyday they give. Which is like not my thing to do. and they start feeling bad or hurt if their is pin drop silence when she asks if someone has done yesterday ‘s 1 or 2 questions. sO I DONT know if it happens with you, i am in 9th it happens with me,.. but that is a major issue. and well offline were the best!


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