A Day In My Life- With Soumya

Hello everybody! I am Soumya Thomas Mathew from@stm. First off, thanks a lot to Poorwa for agreeing to collaborate with me! We both agreed to do a 'Day In My Life' post, chronicling everything that we did on 8th July, Thursday, and then publish it on each others' blogs. So that's why I am here! Visit my... Continue Reading →

Would You Rather Collab with Arwa

Hey everyone! Guess who's here with me today (Readers: We have read the title)? Today Arwa, the blogger behind The Corner Shop and I will be doing a super fun collab together which is quite popular in the blogosphere- Would You Rather! We asked each other 10 Would You Rather questions and in this post,... Continue Reading →

The Sad Story Behind The Song “EIGHT” Pt 2 : Collab With Sneha

Hey there! This post is very special to me as it's the first time we're gonna talk about a real and sad story behind a song, and there's something more that is making it more special...... it's a collab with my blogging friend Sneha from Read, write and believe. As it's a collab, Sneha is... Continue Reading →

Future Nostalgia by Dua Lipa: Album Review With Saumya

Hey everyone! So here is another album review but this time it's something special. Saumya@ Draw-Write-Inspire and I are coming up together for this collab post, today we'll be reviewing Dua Lipa's album 'Future Nostalgia (The Moonlight Edition) released on February 11, 2021. The Moonlight Edition has 19 songs, so in this post, I'll review... Continue Reading →

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