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Playlist Swap With Sep!

Hey everyone!!! Today’s post is gonna be very interesting and fun because this time it’s Sep, the fantastic book blogger behind Bookishly Yours, here with me. Don’t forget to check out Sep’s blog and also give it a follow if you haven’t already, she’s such a lovely person.

Today, for this collab, we’re doing a Playlist Swap between us and I’m very much excited about it because it’s the first time I’m doing it. We both swapped our top 10 recent favorite songs list and in this collab, we’ll be sharing how we like each other’s playlist. So don’t forget to check out the other half of this collab on Bookishly Yours, where Sep is sharing her thoughts on my playlist.

Always – Isak Danielson

Just after listening to the first few seconds of this song I knew that I’ll like it very much. It kinda gave me a nostalgic vibe which I like and the music video is also nice, I loved the transitions in it. I especially liked the Pre-chorus part a lot…

And for every song, there’s a song we’re not singing
For every step, there’s a step we’re not taking
So let me know if there’s something I’m missing
‘Cause this is all I need

New Romantics – Taylor Swift

~Cause baby I could build a castle~~ I remember this MV was once in my downloads. I love this song so much! I listened to it today after a long time so I’m liking it much more. This makes me want to attend her concert so much!!! I really wish I could one day!

Beginning Middle End – Leah Nobel

Hey it’s a beautiful song! I love these kinds of songs, it’s so pleasant to years! And the lyric video is also very good, loved it a lot!

Youth – Troye Sivan

I listened to Youth for the first time in this Bangtan Bomb below. Of course, I loved Jimin’s and J-hope’s dance a lot and this song also got me. It’s just so good to sing along and the lyrics are also beautiful. I highly recommend it to anyone who

My Gospel – Charlie Puth

Honestly, this song really doesn’t stand out for me in front of other Charlie Puth songs. Though I know it’s actually very nice but I really don’t like it much. But it’s my taste, you may like it a lot guys!

Teeth – 5 Seconds of Summer

I’ve watched the MV a few times on TV and I’m sure it’s a great song to listen to when you’re having a blast and a crazy mood. But not something I like to listen to often.

October – Jon D

How can this song be so underrated? Loved it so much! It’s such a lovely song, I highly recommend you all to listen to it. Great choice, Sep!

Chosen Last – Sara Kays

Oh Sep, thanks for introducing me to this beautiful song. It is a lovely and meaningful song and I think it’ll be my recent favorite for some time. Really loved it a lot! And her voice is very lovely!

I’ve been chosen last since the kindergarten
Walk in the grass and it’s disregarded
Fast walk to the lunch table
And pack up before I’m ready to go
I don’t speak my mind, I just sit and listen
I’m there on time ’cause they won’t know I’m missing
Sometimes I would rather stay home
Than show up to be ignored and alone

Married In Vegas – The Vamps

I’ve listened to Married In Vegas a few times but I can’t really say I liked it a lot. I just don’t listen to rock music much. But maybe I’ll try to listen to more of The Vamps songs soon, I know they are really great.

Girl Almighty – One Direction

I wish I had listened to it before. I feel like dancing and clapping my hands while listening and singing to this song. It’s so cool! I especially liked Harry’s voice a lot in it!

Woah, it was amazing! Such a nice playlist you have Sep, and also a great taste. I loved Chosen Last by Sara Kays the most in your playlist and now I’m gonna listen to more of her songs. Thanks for doing this collab with me!

Don’t forget to check out Sep’s reaction on my recent favorite songs on her blog!

Thanks for reading! Take care!

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  1. Poorwa, I have no words to describe how much I love your posts. They are so unique. This was such a cool collaboration. Great songs! I haven’t heard a few of them but I will check them out for sure. Thank you for this awesome post, Poorwa. I look forward to more 💫

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