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Favorite quotes ever: Collab with Maya

Hey wishes! Today I’m doing a collab with Maya @ Maya’s life and travels. Do check out Maya’s blog if you haven’t already, she’s a traveler and lifestyle blogger and you can get to know about a lot of UAE culture and people. For this collab, Maya is sharing 10 of her favorite quotes ever on my blog, and to check out my favorite quotes ever visit Maya’s blog here!

I liked these quotes a lot Maya and I’m sure my readers also did. Thank you everyone for reading! Do not forget to check out the half of this collab on Maya’s blog.

What’s your favorite quote ever? Let’s fill the comment section with the best quotes ever!

If you are interested in working with me for a collab, guest post, interview, or anything, feel free to contact me via email ( or through my blog’s contact page.

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