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Goodbye March 2021!

Hey wishes! So yeah I’m restarting the ‘Goodbye Months’ series on my blog. If you don’t know then, let me tell you that it’s nothing very special just a Month Review series and goals for the next month. I couldn’t do this post for December 2020 because I’m quite too much happy and excited in Decembers so maybe I forgot to do the review and then suddenly in January 2021, I got too much busy because of school work and I was also lacking inspiration and motivation to blog, so at the end of January, I went on hiatus for a month. February 2021, was really bad for me and kinda gave me the worst feeling you may know if you have read what I posted in between my break, so I really didn’t want to review February. But in March you know I got back again and my lifesaver ‘blogging’ was enough to give me a great month, so I’m reviewing it now.

Month Review

March was okay but I was just too tense. My school got started and a huge mountain of assignments and projects fell directly on our head… and we also said goodbye to online classes. I know I said, “I miss offline classes too much, I wish schools to open soon” like every day and I really did mean it but when school started all of a sudden, it was a mess. I never got that much pressure before- lots of assignments for every subject, project works, practical classes, and going to school every day.

Indeed it was a bit difficult for me to adjust after staying at home for a whole year with enough free time, and then suddenly I got too much busy. Schoolwork wasn’t enough to make me go crazy; we got our time-table for final
exams which were going to be offline. Somewhere I was afraid of exams because online classes weren’t so great but somewhere I was glad that I’d get a proper result. But at the end of March before Holi, lockdown struck again in between and my exams got canceled and we got promotion to 12th grade. Because of this, my friends are happy like hell, and on the day I knew about it, I got a hundred messages like- congrats, woohoo, welcome to 12th etc. etc.

As a student, I’m also happy since the pressure of exams is over and I’m in 12th grade now but honestly, it shouldn’t have happened. I mean everything- online classes started late, no monthly tests, no quarterly or half-yearly exams, and laziness of staying at home, if I put these things in front of offline final exams, you can call it a mess! I take my studies seriously and my result of every grade is one of the most important things to me as a student but now it feels like my whole year as an 11th-grade student was worthless. But there’s no point in talking about what has happened, the only thing I should focus on is 12th studies and all. I hope this corona period ends very soon and I enjoy my final school year to the fullest. When I think about it that I won’t be a school student after a year… it’s so strange, I don’t know what to say.

So it was all about my studies, other than that everything was normal and pretty good. We played Holi to the fullest and I also did an awesome and fun collab with my blogging buddies Ananya, Pannaga, and Anushka on Holi, which you can check out here.

In March, I started listening to NCT and I have to say that they are really superb. I also watched a show Mtopia
starring SuperM, which was somewhat like BTS Bon Voyage and it was really fun to watch and also good to know more about SuperM members. Then I watched a game show NCT World 2.0, which was similar to Run BTS and it was also awesome. And now when I’ve mentioned Run BTS, March episodes were hilarious as always and I rewatched many old
episodes which were much more hilarious. Then I’ve already told you many times that I’m learning Korean, so in March I tried to learn with BTS’ songs lyrics and it was very very helpful. I also listened to Selena Gomez’s Revelación EP and loved it (I’ve also reviewed it on my blog, you can check it out here). I waited the whole month for Little Mix’s first album as a trio but nothing happened and I’m still sad that Jessy left the band but there’s nothing I can
do except listening to their old songs.

So it was all related to music, here are the songs I listened to the most in March (wait, I also published this post- The
Music Chapter Of My Life

  • Christmas love – Jimin (BTS)
  • About the boy – Little Mix
  • White horse – Taylor Swift
  • Baila conmigo – Selena Gomez
  • Awake – Jin (BTS)
  • Best of me – BTS
  • Forever – Aespa
  • De Una Vez – Selena Gomez
  • Monster – Exo
  • Universe – Exo
  • Regular – NCT 127
  • Don’t say you love me – Fifth
  • Better days – SuperM
  • Long flight – Taeyong
  • Half a heart – One Direction
  • Alive – One Direction
  • 2! 3! – BTS
  • Best of me – BTS
  • Inner child – V (BTS)
  • Joan of Arc – Little Mix

Okay, if you need more songs let me know in the comment section.

Now let’s talk about the blog and WordPress! So at the end of March, we surpassed 400+ WP followers, and in the between of March, we surpassed 500+ email subscribers on Poorwa’s blog. I also created a video to celebrate this milestone which is also my entry for the Talent competition, you can check it out at the end of this post.

Guest posts…

Valley of the Wolves: A Book Review (Guest Post)




My favorite post of March…

Holi and ‘Us’: An Eternal Lovestory

Most popular post…

Ask me anything #3 (According to views and likes)

So it was all! March was pretty good for me I feel. And April had a good start as today BTS released their brand new song ‘Film out’, and it’s such a beautiful song, I love it. If you want a review of Film Out, check out Pannaga’s review here. And for April, my blogging goal is to reach 500 followers! And to find many more blogs to read and also to focus more on my studies (Yayy, I’m in 12th)! And here’s the video I talked about…

So how was your month? What are your goals for April?

Thanks for reading!

21 thoughts on “Goodbye March 2021!

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  1. My March was okay, but it was really busy. This month meant another foggy 🌫 month in Dubai and in the mornings it was ever so beautiful. I started listening to new songs by Hussain Al Jasmi and other artists. I also started doing blog interviews and started communicating more on the WordPress reader. I also reached 90+ followers by the end of March!! I would say one of my goals for April would be to grow my blog’s traffic.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Loved this post!! I didn’t know goodbye posts will be this awesome!! Anyways, Congo again on starting 12th and wow ur lucky. I don’t think my exams will be cancelled 😒😔 Anyways, I loved Holi and Us: An Eternal Love Story post too😂🤣 and what else?? Umm, that’s it ig. Once again Congo on getting 400+ followers!!! I hope you reach all ur April goals by the end of the month!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. This is such a interesting post! You really did a lot of productive things in March and it was surely fun reading all of them especially the ‘khatarnak collab’. That one never gets old 😉
    By the way, if you don’t mind me asking, how did you make that gif which is at the end of your post with the title Poorwa’s Blog?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. YES MTOPIA AND NCT WORLD WERE SO GOOD- I keep re-watching it pls, it’s so funny. Why are we so similar?! Also you’re in the 12th grade now? wow I feel so small haha, all the best for your 12th grade hehe, alsoo- who’s your nct bias?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. YES Long Flight is such a good song!! It’s one of my fave songs 🙂 My bias is prolly Jaemin? Or Jisung? Or Mark? Or Jaehyun? It keeps changing haha


  5. Awesome post!!!!!Great to see our Collab as your favourite 😂💜….Congo on getting 400+ follows!!!!BTW do check your mail…I sent something there 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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