No They never…

She was a little kid

They told her 
Take care of others
But did they ever ask
How are you?
They told her
You’re full of love
But did they ever tell
You must learn to hate too? 
They told her
You have a pretty face
But did they ever say
There are acid attackers too?
They told her
You should love others
But did they ever teach
How to love yourself?

It’s been a long time
She has grown up now
Living like a lifeless
Sitting in the corner of room
As mature as ‘They’ were back then
They told her so many things
But why Not everything? 
Where are they now?
Do they even know 
Where is she now?
Asking only one question
“Did they care for me?”
Wait.. she have one more
“Did they even ever love me?”

Suddenly heard a whisper 
Saw a shadow of a little girl
“Hm.. I looked same as her back then”
Afraid of the truth
The shadow went near her
And answered her questions
As quick as the wind blows..

“No, they never did!”
She falls on the floor


37 thoughts on “No They never…

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  1. So touching and powerful Poorwa. You’ve very skilfully taken off the veneer of hypocrisy. It is painful, and appreciated. The lines make many of us hang our heads in shame, don’t they ?👌🙏

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  2. Like I said before this is seriously amazing and deep!! M saying it again ❤️😊 but yeah that same thing RHYMING SCHEME. Like I see many bloggers don’t face that problem. It’s ok if you do just try finding new words… and you will see ur vocabulary grow and poems will be better. But yeah this is truly amazing. Just try using too, you a little less times. I try not using it at all. Instead I find new words to match with you and too. All the best ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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