Things I did in my one-month hiatus

It’s been 12 days since I’m back into blogging. As you guys know I went on hiatus for a month because I was lacking the inspiration to blog and also to prepare for my final exams. And I got news today, my exams for 11th grade will start on April 1st and end on April 17th. Well, I’m very happy that I got my exam time-table and finally it’s clear now. Don’t worry I won’t take a break again, since I have a few posts ready to publish on the days of my exams and I’m working on more posts so… according to my plan, there won’t be any problem.

I’m glad that soon I’ll be in 12th grade but because of exams, I’m a little bit pressured too. I’m quite missing the rest I got when I was on break… haha. But when I think about it, hmm it wasn’t that different, I did many things when I was on break. So I can’t say I wasn’t busy, I’m remembering things I did in my one-month hiatus, so I thought it will be interesting to share the words with you…

Things I did in my one-month hiatus

Studied hard

If I wouldn’t have studied in my break, it would’ve been worthless for sure. Yes, I studied a lot, since I don’t prefer to study too much on the exam day; I think on the day of the exam, students should revise the lessons or important questions in place of studying ‘haven’t read’ topics. So for the ‘haven’t read’ topics, I completed them when I was on break and now I just have to focus on revision if I’m doing well with my plan. My school also started in February, so it was good to take offline classes.

Wrote regularly

When I wasn’t active on my blog, I would get a lot of free time in the evening/night and as I feel very energetic after 6 pm, I like to write blog posts. I didn’t write a lot but yes… I wrote little-little every day. It’s good for bloggers to write regularly and to make it a hobby. So I tried the same and I have finally added ‘writing regularly’ into my habits.

Worked on-site customization

If you had visited my site before I went on hiatus and if you visit it now, you will notice the complete change. I think your site’s looks are also important and it’s one of the fun things I like the most when it comes to blogging. I tried many themes, used many widgets, worked on the home page, etc. etc. Now I’m somewhat satisfied with my blog’s look, so I won’t be working on it until I’m done with my final exams.

Played on Canva

I’m truly impressed with Canva. It is a popular website to create graphics, designs, and many other things. I love to create my posts’ featured images using Canva. I learned more about this website when I was on hiatus and I love it. If you are looking for a website to create your designs or graphics, I prefer Canva. I’m sure it won’t disappoint you.

Met new bloggers/readers and read blogs

I was surprised to see that I wasn’t active on my blog but my follower count was still increasing and honestly, I never expected that (Thanks a lot my readers). So that’s how I met some new blogger friends. I found some more fantastic blogs on WordPress and couldn’t help to scroll down in my reader’s feed to read your posts. If I compare my reading before I went on hiatus and when I was on hiatus, I read much more last month when I wasn’t blogging.

So these were some things I spent most of my time when I was on break. After all I think that it was worth taking a break from blogging. Since when I’m back into blogging, I feel more energetic and excited to write more, read more… blog more.

Share your views on this post with me in the comments? Do you think it’s worth taking a blogging break? What are some-things you like to do when you aren’t blogging?

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  1. Awesome! Glad that you were able to refresh and recharge during your break! I do think that taking a blogging break is important. We can’t run on full steam everyday — sometimes we just gotta take a break and recharge. During a blogging break, I spend more time on socialmedia connecting with people, think of new posts to create, and get other things done around the house.

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