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Highlights of 2022

I know “time flies” sounds cliché now and you’re all bored of this term but seriously… “Is it really the last day of 2022?” What a year it was, even calling 2022 A YEAR sounds weird to me now, is it only me or everyone feels like since covid started time has been flying really-really... Continue Reading →

A Stressful Week Spent Joyfully With A Positive Mindset

I always tend to focus on the positive side. Doesn’t matter how worse the situation is, my way to think is that there’s no way we can change what has happened and unless we try to make things better nothing’s gonna change. My week was quite the same. I was feeling weak and disturbed for... Continue Reading →

How It Was Completely Worth Taking A Blogging Break

Hey everyone! Long time no see! Hope you all are healthy and doing great. So yes… I’m back (Wait, you haven’t forgotten me, right?)! For my new readers who might not know what am I talking about, I was on a one-month blogging break (which ends today) because... umm… who knows, I guess it’s just... Continue Reading →

Things That Really Annoy Me About Online Classes

Online Classes… we all students are very familiar with this term. It’s been over a year, I’ve been attending online classes. Of course, there are many fun and great things about it and it’s not that I hate online studies or anything. There are so many advantages of online studies for students and we students... Continue Reading →

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