Going to school after a year

Hey wishes! How are you guys doing? Oh okay, let me first clear your confusion- I’m still on break but couldn’t help myself to write this post and share a life update with you (my blogging addiction😅!).

(I’m writing date and time because without that this post might be a little bit confusing)

Feb 14, 5:18 PM

So I just put my fingers on cutie key-board and got a message….

“School has started -10AM to 4PM- Monday to Saturday. All the students will come to school regularly from Monday (Feb 15)”

When I got this message my expressions were somewhat like…


It’s 5:30 PM now and I have to attend Chemistry class at 6 PM. I just completed Physics assignment so I’m quite tired too, so I’ll continue this post after 7:30 PM.

2 hours later…

It’s exact 7:35 PM now and as I told you I’m here to continue now. (This post could be a nice vlog)

So yes.. from tomorrow I’ll be a regular school going student again after a whole year. I’m quite excited but something is weird. Honestly, it feels like tomorrow will be my first day of school. I’ve just forgotten so many things and it’s quite funny to remember how actually going to school feels like😄.

Wait.. wait.. it’s not a great time to talk about how I am feeling right now, at least not in this para (we’ll talk about it at the end). I have to prepare so many things for tomorrow. So I’ll continue writing while doing the things I need to do now, okay so stay with me…


First I have to gather all my 11th study related stuff! I’m not very great at taking care of my school stuff and you can find them actually anywhere in my home, sometimes they are even found in my backyard or garden😂. So I’m going to search everywhere and gather all my 11th study stuff.


Yayy.. it was quite easy today. Now I have all my school stuff gathered in front of me, wait.. Where’s my bag? Let me go and get it!

Ooh.. I really didn’t know where my bag is, for the whole year. Fortunately, my Mom had already cleaned it and… thank you Ma🤗!

Okay, now I just have to arrange them! I’m quite quick at this kind of stuff so it’ll probably take 2 minutes only.


Arranged ‘em all!

Luckily nothing is missing, so I’m not stressed. Okay so now I only have to fill my bag. I really hate it because I have all my stuff here and I don’t know which things I should put in my bag or not. Whenever I sit to do this thing here is what happens…

“this is important, this one is too, how can I forget this one, and this one- it can be needed tomorrow, what if teacher asked me for this notebook, I have to grab this too…….. and then… not enough space!”

So I’m gonna give this responsibility to Di (I know whatever she’ll do, it’ll better than me for sure)


I’ll do my school work now and I think it’ll get done in about 30 minutes, then I’ll have dinner and will also watch news and something entertaining on TV. Then I’ll go to bed early today because whatever happens I don’t want to be late tomorrow. So I will continue this post tomorrow evening after I’ll be back from school. Good night!

Feb 15, 5:15PM

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Hii again! Won’t you ask me how my day was at school today? Let me tell you… it was not at least the same as my imagination. I entered my school campus at 9:50AM (10 minutes before the school starts), there I met my friend Nagina and we both were….. (don’t know what to say) In the school campus there were rarely any students. I mean, it was really frustrating and we were thinking of turning back but the excitement inside us hadn’t ended well so we stayed and sat near the school stage and started to complete our assignments. At 10 AM, our peons didn’t even ring the school bell and our morning prayer was also cancelled. After 15 minutes, the campus filled a little bit and all my classmates who were the same excited as I was, had finally arrived, so I felt a little better. But at that moment we all were like… “Have we come to submit assignments or for practical class? We found the right message right? Why did they call us today? Where are out teachers? At least our classmates?”

It was the same atmosphere as when we used to come to school for only about 30 minutes to submit our assignments, and we thought that it would be like a real school day!

After 5 minutes, one peon gave us the keys of classrooms and that’s how we finally entered our 11th classroom for the first time. And the view wasn’t too great; it felt like a room which was closed for a hundred years😂.

It took more than an hour to somewhat clean our classroom. Then we settled ourselves in that new classroom and finally took a deep breath.

After a few minutes, our class-teacher entered the classroom and we were very happy to see her and also to greet her… wait.. wait.. I forgot to tell you, there won’t be any online classes from now! Yesterday evening at 6 PM was the last! From now we’ll attend only offline classes at school.

After taking attendance, ma’am discussed many things with us and also asked, “How are you kids doing huh?” It felt so good to answer that question. She told us that there won’t be any classes today because teachers are all very busy and y’all also need to do many things. So we started cleaning again and stopped when we had made our and the neighbor classroom just like before (not completely, there weren’t any students though😄).

Then you can guess what… we talked for hours, laughed, studied, sang, played games and had great fun😍.

Around 3:30PM, our seniors entered the classroom and told us about tomorrow’s celebration. Actually tomorrow, it’s ‘Saraswati Puja’ (In India, Saraswati Mata is worshipped as the Goddess of knowledge, language, music and all arts) also known as Vasant Panchmi (which remarks the arrival of Spring too). All the students and teachers worship to the Goddess at school. They told us that it’ll be not that grand as last years because we have to keep Covid-19 guidelines. But whatever, we all are very excited for tomorrow.

So after all it was a great experience!

At first, when only I and Nagina were there, it felt so frustrating but now I think that the students who were absent today, must be regretting that they missed the whole fun today.

Wooh… it was quite long.

Feb 16

So you just read my complete experience of going to school after a whole year and I hope you liked this post. I actually had to publish this post yesterday but I did it today because I just wanted to wish you all a very happy ‘Basant Panchami’, especially to the students! Have a great day y’all! And also a wonderful Spring Day!

And I will continue this break for a little more long. Actually I wanted to make a comeback on Feb 24 but this all school stuff suddenly came in between so I’ll be back on 1st of March.

Bye ‘til then!

52 thoughts on “Going to school after a year

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  1. Great post!! I miss going to school and I wonder when schools in my state will reopen!☹️ You’re so lucky that your school has finally started!!🎉 I wish you good luck! Have fun and study well!😉😃💛

    Also, Happy Vasant Panchami!!🌼🙏

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hey….wow!!
    Congratulations 💐💐👏…You are back to 🏫!!
    I don’t know when my number will come…😪😪
    But anyways, enjoy school and
    and study well 😝🥰

    Also,Happy Vasant Panchami or Saraswati Puja 🙏🙏💐

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I really missed your posts and now I’m happy to hear that you’re doing well!! ❤️
    Have fun with your friends and study well..
    We’ll be waiting for your comeback on march since it’s my birthday month too 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I can totally empathize with you right now, because I am going back to school in less than two weeks 😭 kinda sad, because i loved online school (at first I hated it, but then it turned around LOL). I’m happy you enjoyed your time back in school ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  5. A lot of people are taking breaks! Maybe it’s time of year! lol
    Anyway glad you had a good first few days back at “real” school. Do you have to wear a mask?
    So having experienced both online and “real” school which do you prefer?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yes we have to wear a mask all the time, it’s necessary for all of the students, teachers and school staff. I actually like to wear mask now but my friends really don’t like it.
      I enjoyed online classes a lot but I hate the problems I had because of it, I’m very glad that school has opened. Online classes are easy and fun but offline classes are much better for students.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh yes absolutely! Both are great options for learning. But it is easier to interact with other students when you are on an actual campus compared to just being online. I’m glad you are having a good time & got to go back to “real” school 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  6. I could feel your excitement in this post 🙂 I’ve been social distancing to the extreme for about a year now and every time I come into contact with my friends I get so excited! I hope you don’t get over it too quickly and start missing lockdown lol. Is it normal for the kids to clean the school?

    Liked by 1 person

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