Let’s play pictionary: Collab with Akriti

Hey wishes! Guess who’s here with me today… it’s Akriti! We both decided to do a collab post a few weeks ago and I’m so excited to say that it’s finally here now😍!

So for this collab we thought of playing ‘Pictionary’, as for that we both sent each-other our amazing (😅) drawings related to our blog posts and now in this post, I have to guess that which post of mine her drawing is pointing to. And don’t forget to visit Akriti’s blog @Recipe Of Life to check out the half of this collab! (She must be suffering while guessing her posts through my drawings lol😂). And she’ll reveal the correct answers in this post’s comment section and I’ll do the same in her post, then we’ll found our who’s the winner of this game🥳

So let me guess my posts through her drawings🙂…

It’s quite.. very easy Akriti, you’re very good at drawing! Ans.- Snowflake Contest

Clock… laptop… books huh.. Ans.- How to manage your blog with studies

Yeah it was not very easy to guess because I didn’t write that post I actually reblogged that one so… Ans.- Reblog: SHAME – Let’s talk

The easiest one! (And your drawing is really great👍!) Ans.- You know ‘Phineas and Ferb’?

It was quite tricky because I have lots of music related published posts, but I guess.. Ans.- Songs I’m listening to these days: A blog post for you

Ooh.. may this dream come true!

100% sure! Ans.- Honest opinion on BTS

Hmm… I guess.. Ans.- Had a nightmare last night

Ah.. this one! Ans.- My favorite breakfast: Cheela recipe

Well I have lots of sky pictures published here but I guess… Ans.- Sunset pictures

Last one.. Ans.- Saying ‘Hello’ to all my visitors

Okay so that’s all! And click here to check out Akriti’s answers and also my drawings😅. Now we just have to see who’s the winner, so let’s go to the comment section.

(So we’ve got the winner now……I guessed 8 of Akriti’s drawings right and… Akriti also guessed 8 of my drawings right😂😂.. what now?… we tied😅)

It was really great doing this collab with you Akriti, thank you!

And we hope you had fun through this post! Take care and stay safe!

One more thing…

Aaliya @Aaliya’s nook has officially launched her book called ‘My Ventures & Rove Through Rhyme & Rhythm’. So first many many congratulations Aaliya! And friends, show your support and for more info click here.

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