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Strange Feelings

No one can understand
Wonder if even I can
It was all unplanned
Now I’m drowning in the river

Don’t wanna save myself
Just want to let it be
Remember those fairytale elves
I’ve tried to set me free

Will it be alright?
Guess nothing’s even wrong right now
Maybe it was all over my might
Would be useless to ask you, how?

Feeling confused
Don’t know what to do
Accepting it all
Makes me dive in the blue

I know it’s all confusing
It’s okay if you don’t understand
This pain will be my cure

I want to come back
Wanna fix the broken ceilings
But something’s stopping me
What if you could see? 

I need to get out, I need to leave

Will you give me your hand
When all I have is this need
Trust me, I’m begging

To fight these strange feelings? 


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43 thoughts on “Strange Feelings

Add yours

      1. I’m good. Not in mood to do things. And even though I love winter, the weather is affecting me badly. So fever, low BP ( ik! Too soon) and online tests to make this season more interesting. How r you?

        Liked by 1 person

  1. This is such a beautiful poem! Well penned! I really loved reading it. Aaaah! Ok-
    I am speechless.
    Until I read Rollercoaster Ride I hadn’t read any of your poems and they are honestly amazing! Keep writing….and I think you should post poems more often!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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