The Comfort Zone – by Poorvi Kumar

Hey, hey everyone! My name is Poorvi Kumar from @ Poorvi Kumar Blog! I’m a teenage desi girl from America who loves to write! On my blog, you can find new poems weekly as well as a wide variety of musings, book reviews, and other such things! If this sounds up your ally I’d love... Continue Reading →

Vogue’s 73 Questions | Poorwa’s blog

I recently saw two of my favorite bloggers Answering 73 Vogue Questions on their blogs (click here and here to read), and also on YouTube I watched Selena Gomez's Vogue interview yesterday. I loved watching her interview again after such a long time and their posts were also fun to read, so I decided to... Continue Reading →

Promote Your Blog Here!

Hey everyone! Let's do a Bloggers Lift! I've been thinking about what should I do for a celebration as we've crossed 500 followers, I wanted to do something productive. And what could be better than knowing about your awesome blogs and doing a blogger's lift. So scroll down to the comment section, introduce yourself and... Continue Reading →

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