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 Even in the corner of this room
 I can’t find myself
 Probably I’m lost
 Or someone locked me here
 I know I can scream
 But it doesn’t feel like my own voice
 Someone’s behind me
 But I can’t turn around
 Feels like I’m trapped
 But there’s no lock anywhere
 Not even trying to move my hands
 Where there’s no pressure at all
 Why I’m sitting here?
 Can’t feel myself
 Is it real or a nightmare?
 Well I don’t wanna know
 I’m afraid of the truth
 Are my eyes open?
 It seems dark everywhere
 How this happened?
 What’s this place called?
 I don’t know I’m alive or not
 I can hear my breathe
 But it’s suffocating
 The last thing I remember
 I was in the most beautiful place 
 In this unknown world
 Called very familiar ‘home’
 Something bad happened
 And I got locked away
 Why is this happening?
 Where did I go wrong?
 Suddenly I felt a touch
 And found me in my room
 Everything is normal
 But found a picture in my hand
 My lost voice came back in a scream
 The picture was clicked tonight 
 When I was asleep
 I’m sure
 But it just can’t happen
 I’m alone here
 Someone’s laughing behind me 
 This time I turned back
 And everything turned black
 I got locked again
 In the nightmare

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