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Games we used to play

Those days were so much fun when we could do whatever we want. I was just remembering my childhood memories and it was a great feeling. When I was in primary school, there were so many outdoor games I used to play with my friends. In the middle school we started to focus a little bit more on our studies and after entering in high school… our outdoor childish games were gone somewhere😐.

It is going to be a fun read guys, so please read until the end. I’m going to share some of the games (I can’t write all of them in this post just because there are really a lot of games, maybe some other day we’ll talk about it) I used to play with my friends in my childhood. So, it’s time to remember your childhood memories….

🙂(Just for fun.. I’m gonna write the games name in my hometown language)


My favorite outdoor game ever.

A member of one team (the seekers) throws a ball at a pile of stones to knock them over. The seekers then try to restore the pile of stones while staying safe from the opposing team’s (the hitters’) throws. The hitters’ objective is to hit the seekers with the ball before they can reconstruct the stone pile. If the ball touches a seeker, that seeker is out and the team the seeker came from continues, without the seeker. A seeker can always safeguard themselves by touching an opposite team member before the ball hits the seeker… (Additional rules: Wikipedia)


Also called goti, this game spawned proud collections of numerous and differently coloured kanchas or marbles. The objective of the game is to hit a few marbles on the ground with your own marbles using a particular technique. Whoever is successful in hitting the targets takes the marbles of all other players and is the winner… (Additional rules)


I think we all know this game. Hide & Seek. All time favorite children game (well, I still play this game sometimes). And I don’t think I have to mention the rules here because it’s clear to all of us.

We used to play this game in our school. It was so much fun. I truly miss those days.


Also known as Hopscotch or Stapoo or Chindro. Once the playing court is drawn, each participant takes turns. Initially, the player stands backwards at one side of the court and throws the stone blindly over her head so that it may land inside the farthest box of the court. If it lands successfully inside the designated box (without touching any lines) of the court, the player takes off her shoes and stands barefoot near that piece of stone with one foot in the air. Afterwards, she pushes the stone (in a single try) to attempt to slide it into the adjoining box. If successful (once again without touching any of the lines), then the player carries on doing the same until the piece of stone is successfully out of the court and the player is back at the place from where she threw the stone. Once successfully out of the court, the player may stand on both feet. (Additional rules: Wikipedia)

Amrit Vish

It is the Indian version of the game “lock and key”. The aim of the is to touch the other players, giving them vish (poison). As soon as vish is given the person stays there until teammates come to give him/her amrit (nectar). The game ends when all players have been caught and there is no one left to give amrit.

This game is really very funny.

Tota uddh – Maina uddh

Do you know this game? Tota uddh (parrot fly) Maina uddh (Myna fly). You can call this game very very simple and childish. But I love it to pass my time somehow. You can’t play this game alone, at least you need two players (or more).

Everyone sits together in a circle ..keeps their index finger of right hand  in the center, all the players , in turns call out names of things that fly or potentially fly-clothes ,birds, feather etc.Suffixed with the word uddh..(fly). The children respond each line by lifting their finger from the ground.The catch is when the conductor calls out a name of an object which can  not fly. The players who lift their fingers the ground at that instance are ousted from the circle.

Sometimes we also hit the player’s hand with our hand who fails (just for fun).


A very popular game between children in my hometown. I usually see kids playing this game and I love to join them.

The game begins with making 4 chits namely Raja(king) (1000 points) , Mantri (Minister) (800 points) , Chor (thief) ( 0 points) and Sipahi (Policeman) (500 points). Each chit is folded and the 4 players are asked to pick one chit. Players open their chit to find out their character.  The Raja exclaims “Mera Mantri Kaun Hai?” meaning ‘Who is my Minister?’ The Mantri then has to identify the ‘Chor’ from the other 2 remaining players. If the Mantri, guesses correctly then the points are retained or else he/she surrenders them to the Chor.  Several rounds of this game are played before counting the points. The player with the highest score wins the game.

I and my friends can now read each-other faces, thanks to this mind reading game.

So that’s all for this post. Hope you liked it. I’m sure you also have some fun games to share, feel free to share here, I’m waiting for your reply. Childhood memories are really very precious. I miss those days.

Thank you very much for reading this post. See you in my next post. Any suggestions? What do you want to see in my next post? Feel free to comment. And yes, guest posts are always welcome. You can email me… (I never miss a single email)

Stay safe! Take care!

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  1. This post took me to the good old days! I still remember how much I enjoyed playing literally all the games you mentioned. Our fav one was lock and key and hide and seek. We used to play it all the day without taking test! We would laugh till our stomach hurts while playing that chit game of king and queen ❤️

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  2. Childhood memories are the best! I wasn’t particularly sporty as a kid – so my best memories are more on the lines of dolls, hide and seek, playing house, pretend cooking/ tea parties etc ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Had an incorrigible nostalgia strike for this one. What a beautiful post. Kudos! Also, I’m really really grateful for all the likes and views, really made my day, thank you x

    Liked by 1 person

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