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#Small Joys

Hello everyone. Hope you had a great Halloween. So it’s November 1st and I wanted to start this month with a fun tag. So today’s post…. #Small Joys. Thank you very much Ema for tagging me, everyone don’t forget to check out her blog, I’m sure that you’ll really like it. Here’s the link to her blog…


  • Thank the blogger who tagged you.
  • List 15 of your small joys (they can be as weird, random, and silly as you want to make them).
  • Tag 5 blogger friends who bring you joy (and feel free to say why they bring you joy!) Have fun with it!

My 15 small joys…

Turning on the lights

I hate when it’s dark and I love to press the switch on the wall and turning the lights on. Well, it’s another thing that my favorite colors are Black and Dark Blue.

(GIFs are so addictive)

Ice cream and cake

My all time favorites.

Watching BTS performances

Wow… they are just so good. I can’t ask for better.


I can’t count how many times I have watched Avengers (from the first to the end game) and don’t know how many times I’m gonna watch. I just love it.


My family is my greatest joy.

Spending time with friends

I love it when I’m with my friends.

My doggy

You know how cute he is right? Check out here.


My dream.


I love it and in this situation, I’m missing it too.

Horror/Adventure movies

It really attracts me a lot.

Singing my heart out loud

My favorite forever.


When I got likes, comments or follows on my blog.

Surfing on Internet

Internet if full of things I love.


One of my favorite hobbies.

Making new friends

Just like you.

I’m tagging…

All of you are welcome and I’m tagging you all. Joys are for everyone. So feel free to write a post on it and don’t forget to share your post’s link with me, so I won’t miss your joys okay.

So you liked this post? Let me know in the comment section. I always love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading and visiting. See you in the next post (can you suggest me what should I publish next?).

Take care! Happy November!

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