Gratitude Writing Challenge

Hey people. So it’s finally the end of 2020🥳. It’s been a year full of ups and down, and I think we all are very excited to enter in 2021. So I thought to participate in this ‘Gratitude Writing Challenge‘ hosted by @BeautyandBows. I know it wasn’t a very lightning year but it’d (this challenge) help to end the year being thankful for lots of things.

According to the rules I had to do this challenge from 1st Dec to 31 Dec, but I missed the first few days of this challenge, but Ella allowed me to do this challenge on 31 Dec (thank you🤗). So if you also want to do this challenge, today is the last date (all the best👍). Let’s get started… (I’ve been writing these prompts answer from 1st December okay)



1. What made you smile today?

(Day 1) That my favorite month of the year has started😍.

2. What is one thing you love about yourself?

(Day 2) That I love myself🥰.

3. Who are you grateful for and what do you love about them?

(Day 3) My family of course. I just love them❤️.

4. What made you laugh today?

(Day 4) I watched my favorite comedy movie today, as always I laughed a lot😂.

5. What is different today than a year ago that you are grateful for?

(Day 5) I remember last year between Nov-Dec I was on my bed, my health was terrible. I’m grateful that I’m totally fit & fine today😇.

6. What is something you wear that you are grateful for?

(Day 6) Most of my clothes are linked to special memories, so I’m grateful to those precious memories😌.

7. What is something beautiful you saw today?

(Day 7) Flowers at my garden🌺.

8. What freedoms are you grateful for?

(Day 8) There are so many😌… freedom to study, to dream, to write etc. etc.

9. What challenge are you grateful for?

(Day 9) Writing was a challenge for me when I first started my blog, but I’m so grateful for it today😍.

10. What is something you love in nature?

(Day 10) It’s so relieving🍂🍂.

11. What about your body are you grateful for?

(Dec 11) My long and thick hair🥰.

12. What was the best thing that happened today?

(Day 12) We spent a beautiful and fun family time together❤️.

13. What family member are you grateful for today?

(Dec 13) Mom baked delicious snacks😋.

14. What kindness did someone give?

(Day 14) My best friend helped my family❤️. Click here to read full post.

15. What do you like about where you live today?

(Day 15) It’s such a beautiful place without pollution and lovely environment🥰.

16. What do you love about a friend?

(Day 16) I can share anything with my best friend without any hesitation and she listens to me always☺️.

17. What spiritual gifts are you grateful for?

(Day 17) What’s that🤔? Sorry I don’t know.

18. What is your favorite family activity that you did recently?

(Day 18) It was my cousin’s wedding, we really had fun😄.

19. What book are you grateful for reading?

(Day 19) ‘Char Mitra‘🤗, my grandma used to read that for me.

20. What modern conveniences are you most grateful for?

(Day 20) Internet, mobile phones, computer/laptop, electricity etc😍.

21. What food are you grateful for?

(Day 21) Veg-food (I’m non-vegetarian by the way😅 but I love Veg-food)

22. What is something you can’t live without?

(Day 22) 5 things I can’t live without (read this)

23. What do you like about the current season?

(Day 23) Chill weather, my birthday season, Christmas and New Year🤩.

24. What happened today that are you grateful for?

(Day 24) My birthdayyyy🥳🥳…

25. What about your home are you grateful for?

(Day 25) It’s Christmas and I can celebrate it😇.

26. What do you love about your parents?

(Day 26) Everything🥰.

27. What memory are you most grateful for?

(Day 27) The day I was born, it made me grateful for everything🤗.

28. What is your favorite family tradition?

(Day 28) We celebrate just so many festivals😍.

29. What are your talents?

(Day 29) Singing, Learning, Studying, Playing video-games🙂.

30. What gave you comfort today?

(Day 30) I asked my readers for feedback and their support comforted me🤗.

Day 31

Finally it’s the end of this year. I’m so excited for 2021 (aren’t you?). Hey do you make new year resolutions? Honestly, I’m not interested in making new year resolutions (Yeah I know I’ve participated in the New Year Resolution Contest😅) but I hate the disappointment at the end of the year😭. So my resolution for every year is to stay healthy and happy with my family. And if you have any resolutions for 2021, all the best from me👍.

I wish you have a beautiful and wonderful 2021.

Thanks for reading. Stay safe and take care!

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